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Molto Bene imports, sells and maintains the Italian Piaggio Ape. In 1984 the first Ape buzzed (Ape means Bee in Italian) through the narrow and curvy lanes of the old Italian inner cities. Because of the small dimensions, low purchase costs and indestructible two-stroke engine the tricycle vehicle swiftly made its entrance in the Italian street scene.

Molto Bene exports these unique vehicles to the Netherlands, repairs and maintains the vehicles and offers them ready to use for the European market. The Piaggio Ape is a real eyecatcher and can be used to sell your goods or promote your company. 


Interested, looking for parts, or do you have other enquiries? Feel free to contact Daniel Heiltjes.

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De firma Piaggio schrijft al meer dan 135 jaar geschiedenis met een enorme nalatenschap. Niet alleen in het Italiaanse, maar ook in het wereldwijde hedendaagse verkeer. De unieke voertuigen waaronder de Iconische Vespa en Ape, geïnspireerd op de dagelijkse behoefte, zijn niet meer weg te denken. Hieronder een timeline met de hoogtepunten uit de rijke geschiedenis van de Piaggio Ape.


Below all existing models are outlined.

Below is a database with the various Ape's produced by Piaggio over the years. All models below can be ordered on request at Molto Bene!


Ape 50


Below you will find all information about the Ape 50 including 'tips and tricks', technical data, dimensions and the manuals.

The Piaggio Ape is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline motor. These motors need 2-stroke oil. This means that oil needs to be added to the gasoline. For an original Ape 50 the ratio is 1:50. New models have a gasoline and oil tank and mix to fuel the engine.

Check frequently whether oil and gasoline levels are in line with prescribed levels.

Older Ape models require mix oil with a ratio of 1:50 (2%). Some gas stations offer mixed fuel (gasoline and oil). Careful! Without oil everything will break down.

TIP: Especially when you have a steal gasoline tank we recommend to add a gasoline filter!

If you want to refresh motor oil yourself, note that the Ape 50 has 2 different compartments in the motor. You have to refresh motor oil in the gear box as well as in the differential. Why not use GL-5 oil? GL-5 oil has twice as much zinc as GL-4 oil, zinc. Zinc reacts aggressively with copper en bronze.

Use 0,6 Liter for the gear box and 0,3 Liter for differential.

  • ApeTM + P2 + P501 / 601 (gasoline): 1.00 Liter Gearbox + Differential (one space)

  • Ape Classic 400cc (diesel): 1.10 Liter Differential

  • Ape Calessino 200cc (petrol): 0.55 Liter Differential

The right sparkplug is very important and responsible for ignition of the fuel/air mix. The quality of the ignition is influend by several factors that are important for the driving experience (performance, efficiency of the motor, as well as emission) and the environment.

An original, standard 49cc Piaggio the following spark plug is recommended

Piaggio P82M, NGK B6HS, Champion L82C of Bosch W54C.


A heavier motor (more cc) needs a bougie with a higher temperture resistance:
75cc: NGK BR8HS and 85cc NGK BR9HS.

The correct tires and tire pressure are important! With the correct tire pressure, you drive safer, use less fuel and your tires last longer. There are 3 100 / 90R10 tires under a Piaggio Ape 50.

The recommended air pressure is 2 bar and 3 bar rear .

The minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm . However, for your own safety, it is highly recommended to replace your summer tires already at tread depths below 2mm. Summer, winter or all season tires are available at Molto Bene.


Technical data:

Engine: Single cylinder two-stroke engine 49cc (Air-cooled)

Power: 1.8 kW at 5750 rpm.

Battery: 12V / 32Ah

Gearbox: 4 Gears + Reverse.

Fuel: Gasoline (mixed lubrication).

Tire size: 100 / 90-10

Payload: Pick-Up: 205 kg, Van: 175 kg.

Weight: Pick-Up: 230kg, Van: 260kg.

Factory speed: 37 km / h.

Dimensions (in mm):

Piaggio Ape 50 Pick up

(1) 2490, (2) 1260, (3) 1550, (4) 1590, (5) 1257, (6) 1211

Piaggio Ape 50 Pick up extended model

(1) 2660, (2) 1260, (3) 1550, (4) 1590, (5) 1427, (6) 1211

Piaggio Ape 50 VAN (box body)

(1) 2500, (2) 1260, (3) 1590, (4) 1590, (5) 1257, (6) 1211

Piaggio Ape Cross

(1) 2580, (2) 1260, (3) 1580, (4) 1590, (6) 1211

Download the manual for the Piaggio Ape 50 below.

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